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Alexandros Moraitidis

Alexandros Moraitidis… :: | TRIBUTE Alexandros Moraitidis . A cousin of Papadiamantis , he was born on Skiathos on 15 October, 1850.

After finishing primary school and the two classes of the Greek School on Skiathos, he went to Athens in 1866, where he finished school and graduated from the Varvakeion High School in 1871.

He enrolled in the Philosophy School of the University of Athens in 1872 and became a regular member of the Philosophy club Parnassos, while in 1874 he received the nomination of a Journalist.

In 1880 he was appointed professor at Varvakeion school, while in 1881 he was named Doctor of Philosophy.

In 1886 he received the medal of the Silver Cross of the Saviour. In 1920 he became a monk under the name of Andronikos and retired to Skiathos, where he died on 25 October, 1929.

In the same year he was pronounced member of the Athens Academy, while in 1921 he had received the Highest Acknowledgment of Letters and Arts.