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Although in the last years residential development is very intense, folk architecture of Skiathos has not been significantly altered. However, few manor houses have remained on the island.

It is a mixture of island elements harmoniously bound with Pelion mountain and Neoclassic characteristics. The needs of the residents, but also their aesthetics, have created this particular Skiathos style.

Houses are small, with two storeys, one next to the other, made from stone and wood and painted all over with lime on the outside. The traditional Skiathos house is made up of 3 parts. The ground floor, the main house and the upper floor.

The ground floor served as a storage space for wine barrels, oil containers and olives, and also wood for the winter. The main house is raised about 1-1.5 m higher than the ground floor, and it was reached by means of a flight of 4-5 steps. The next floor was open, that is undivided. The entrance was external via a stone staircase; at the top was covered by a tabouk, a small wooden roof.

Externally, the houses have foroussia. This is the name of the projected upper floor by 30 - 40 cm on the side facing the road, so that its surface is larger than the ground floor’ s. The roof, tsati, is covered with roof tiles and more rarely with slate tiles.

They have balconies, while small gardens full of flowers complete the picture.

This is the form of the houses on Skiathos, while rural residences are of a more simple architectural form. In places where roads are very narrow and crooked, the corners of the houses are cut in such a way so as to facilitate the passing of walkers-by.

As far as the roads on the island are concerned, they are narrow paved lanes and there is almost no layout, resulting in a maze of roads. On the main roads of the island, the slates are placed vertically in a fishbone formation to send away the rainwater and make the construction more solid.