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Skiathos Churches

SKIATHOS island . The Churches on Skiathos Town. :: | Lets Get Known SKIATHOS Churches. Some of the most important churches:

Three Hierarchs

This is the Metropolitan Church of Skiathos where the miracle-working icon of the Virgin Mary Eikonistria or Kounistra is kept, along with a part of the wood-carved temple of Panagia Prekla of the Castle and the Horos, a large wreath with icons of the Apostles and the Prophets. The wood-carved temple of the church is particularly impressive.

Panagia Limnia or Apano Panagia

This is in the upper neighbourhood of the Town and it is the second parish church of the island. Built in 1838, it is dedicated to the Birth of the Holy Virgin (8 September).

It took its name from Limni Evoias, as it was built by refugees who left Limni in waves (1790, 1821, 1823) and joined the local residents, making up the current population of the town.

In the narthex of the church the skull of the great Skiathan prose writer and novelist Alexandros Papadiamantis, as well as ole icons from Christi and Agios Nikolaos in the Castle.

Agia Triada

Agios Nikolaos

Situated on one of the three summits of the low hills of Skiathos town since 1954. Here there was an icon of Panagia Megalomata that was transferred from Panagia Prekla in the Castle. The bell tower with the clock is a characteristic feature.

The panoramic view from the churchyard towards the port is truly impressive!

Panagia i Katevodotra

Situated west of the mountain Karaflytzanakia. 3 wonderful portable icons of 1752 and 1779 are preserved today, as well as the springs of Doman and Herimonas.