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First Greek Flag

The first Hellenic Flag… :: | TRIBUTES The first Hellenic flag

A very important event that took place on Skiathos and has great importance for the history of Skiathos but also of the whole of Greece is the raising of the first Hellenic flag.

The first Hellenic flag was woven, blessed and raised at the Holy Monastery of Evangelistria; it had a white cross in the middle on a light blue background.

The raising took place in September of 1807 when the Armatoloi from Olympus landed on the island with 70 cruisers after the Treaty of Tilsit between Russia and Turkey, took down the Russian flag and raised this light blue flag with the cross in the middle.

Also, the monk Nifon swore Theodoros Kolokotronis, Andreas Miaoulis, Papathimios Vlahavas, G. Stathas, Nikotsaras under this flag, as well as the great Skiathan Teacher of the Race Epifaneios Stephanos Dimitriadis.