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The Greek Revolution

SKIATHOS The Greek revolution. Skiathos immediately ranged itself with the Greek revolution against the Turkish rule. Under the guidance of the dignitary Alexandros Logothetis, forefather of Papadiamantis and Epifaneios Dimitriadis, a Skiathan teacher, and roused by the Filiki Eteria, they took to battle with enthusiasm.

Until then they had taken part in many sea battles. In 1822 the Turks attempted to take it back, but they were destroyed. In 1829 the Protocol of London is signed on the Independence of Greece, during which the Hellenic State is formed, and the Demon islands, that is Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnissos and the surrounding desert islands are included within the borders of free and independent Greece.

Then, the 1500 residents of the castle abandon it for good and go back to the harbour, where the ancient town of Skiathos had been.

In order to build the new town, they used materials from the houses in the Castle, thus ruining it.