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The beach of Kastro is in the northernmost area of the island, just below the old castle city of Skiathos. It is approximately 12 km from the town of Skiathos

The Castle can be reached very easily by any of the boats running daily from Skiathos harbor.

If you decide to reach the Castle otherwise, you should know that the road - dirt road - stops before the Castle. Distance remaining, about 1800m, through a wonderful cobbled path.

The Municipality of Skiathos constructed few years ago this lovely paved path that reaches the castle city and the beach of the Castle.

The path is quite steep when one goes and uphill on return. Although it would be preferable to reach all of you by walk to Kastro, can be reacher and with motorbikes, but don’t take your car because the paved road is not wide, is downhill and uphill and Disturb and hikers. It is worth to walk the 1800 m and enjoy the nature, the view and the churches of the region.

Although there is a source of water in a church it would be good if the weather is warm to arrange to have water bottles with you.

A particularly beautiful and natural beach which takes its name from the region.

You can combine swimming in the crystal clear waters of a visit to the old town of the castle.

The beach also has a bar and the scenery is breathtaking.

All the northern beaches at times blowing the winds (northerly winds) are exposed to the weather in contrast to the western and southern coast that remain leeward.