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Skiathos Koukounaries Beach. The beach of Koukounaries is situated on the southwestern corner of the island and is 13 km from the city.

It is the most famous beach of Skiathos and always conquer a position in voting on the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Regarded as the most photographed spot of the island.

It is characterized by its immense golden sand. The water is shallow.

The sand is fine and shimmering under the sun’s why we are known the beach also as “golden sand”.

The name comes from the dense and beautiful pine forest (Pinus pinea) located just behind the beach and all along the beach (about 700 meters). landscape complements Lake Strofilia, behind the forest.

It is an important wetland shelter rare species of birds during migration, such as swans, herons, ducks etc. It is a protected area by the Municipality of Skiathos within European programs. You can walk along the lake.

The beach is well organized becoming standard organization and offer opportunity for all water sports.

There are also many hotels, rooms, camping and many taverns, restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.

In addition, you will find and riding schools and scuba diving. On the day of St George ( Agios Georgics ) are organized horse races.

Bus Stop 24 Koukounaries Final Bus Stop