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Skiathos Lalaria beach ... One of the most energy and beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean and of our country. Located at the northeast end of the island and is accessible only by sea, and only when weather permits because the beach is completely exposed to northerly winds and wave height when bad weather is high.

The north wind and the rain, storms and snow (and goats grazing often there sometimes !!) is carrying the white rocks of the steep white slopes at sea level and waves of the Aegean constantly carving round white pebbles “Lalaria” in all sizes from small to larger perfectly shaped.

And on the edge of the beach .. to complete perfection .. the beautiful stone arch beach the “Tripia Petra , Hole Stone” like a postcard secures and creates the beach which many times in the winter is swap away by the waves .. till it takes its new format with the end of the winter.

Some times you reach the hole Stone by walk ... other years only by swimming .

The wild beauty of the landscape, the most wonderful confidently waters of Skiathos will truly amaze you.

It would be appropriate to mention that although all of you will feel the need to take with you a small memento from the beach .. is not permitted to take pebbles with you .

If on the other see a trash which is washed ashore would be very nice if each of us gathered to throw in a bucket back on our return to Skiathos.

“Lalaria” can be reached only by boat and only with calm winds, with small boats starting from the old port of Skiathos on the mornings.

Those arriving by your own inflatable is good to be aware of the weather.