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Skiathos Easter

Easter on Skiathos… :: | TRIBUTE Easter on Skiathos. Skiathos observes the Mount Athos custom concerning the times of the services in the churches.

Thus, the night service of the Epitaph begins at dawn of Holy Saturday. At 4 in the morning the Epitaphs come out for their round.

A herald, the leader, recites the religious hymns out loud and the crowd following the Epitaph chants with the chanters.

The Epitaphs come down through the picturesque narrow alleys and the cobbled roads of the island.

The meeting place of the Epitaphs is at the church of the three Hierarchs and then they continue all together round the island, returning at 4:30 in the morning.

When Open the Gates is heard, the Priest opens the external doors of the church, banging them hard.