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The Town of Skiathos… TRIBUTES… Our and your tributes to get to know this land better.

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The town of Skiathos remains the same over time during the classic period, the years of Alexander the Great, the Roman and Byzantine eras and the Middle Ages. Then, due to ruthless pirate foraging, the population moved to the castle for protection.

After 1829, the Skiathans returned to the town again and left the castle for good.

Thus, the town began to be densely populated. However, during the German occupation, the town was totally destroyed and after the end of the war it was re-built.

In the following years the largest part of the population of Skiathos concentrated in the town of Skiathos.

The new Town was built exactly above the old town, next to the sea and between two hills. The eastern side is developed below the Agios Nikolaos hill and the western side looks over the sea from above.

From the courtyard of Agios Nikolaos there is a panoramic view, while the bell tower with the 1954 clock predominates in the area.

A windmill sits on the next hill, and its blades are made from thin planks instead of fabric. Near the current port is the last boat-yard of the island.