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SKIATHOS Turkocracy. This began in 1538 and the Enetian-Turkish peace agreement was signed in 1540.

In 1538 the terrible pirate Hairentin Barbarosa took over the island after a 6-day siege and the Castle is deserted.

From a document of the Constantinople Patriarchy we learn that in 1576 Skiathos and Skopelow had 1 bishop, 50-70 priests and 2.000 houses. In the middle of the 17th century, in 1660, the Enetian admiral Fragkiskos Morozinis takes over the Castle and restores Enetian domination for the third time.

However, the Turks soon take over the island once more, continuing their domination until the beginning of the Greek revolution. Despite the Turkish rule, the religious faith of the Skiathans was maintained with the monastery of Evangelistria as the spiritual centre.

The monasteries operated schools, such as in Ai Giannis Parthenis and Ai Giannis Kryfos, where educated monks taught. All this time the Skiathans were making small ships and performing commercial relations with places as far as Egypt, the north-African coast and the Black Sea.

In 1770 they take part in the sea battle of Cesme on the side of the Russian admiral Alexios Orlof. The pre-revolutionary movement of the Armatoloi and the Kleftes of mount Olympus continues on Skiathos and Skopelos between 1806 and 1816.

They prepared the grounds for the Revolution with a minute fleet of cruisers. Also, they offer men and boats to the Greek sea warrior Lampros Katsonis and participated in raids against Turkish ships.

They had 12 ships with 144 sailors and 48 canons.