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Tsougrias Beaches

Skiathos beaches. The Tsougrias island is located south of the port of Skiathos, less than two miles from the port exit.

The uninhabited island is truly heavenly, a green diamond, with beautiful beaches all around.

The island of Tsougria was prevalent than many other Greek islands, which wanted to buy land, on the 60s, the Beatles as enchanted by the place during their visit in Greece.

In fact heard that song Octapus Garden of The Beatles written during their visit to the island and their short vacation there. Eventually the buying did not proceed for reasons we do not know. Even today, the ownership is not clear as Tsoungrias belongs to Epifaneiadi Foundation and the company FIX, the Municipality of Skiathos and monastic property.

The Magical Beaches of the island

The enchanting island every summer receives hundreds of thousands of visitors, as there is easy access by boat starting from the old port of Skiathos and reach the amazing beaches of this small island. Definitely a trip for a swimming is an activity you must add into your holiday schedule in Skiathos.

The two accessible by boat beaches of Tsougria located on the northwest coast of the island. One called Agios Floros and takes its name from the homonymous church and the southwest coast of Tsougria is the beach “Lalaria” (it is not the famous Lalaria beach located on the north coast of Skiathos). (Lalaria called by the islanders generally small white pebble beach).

Saint Floros separates the northwest from the southwest coast.

Is really a great walk to visit San Floro following the path that starts from the dock of the homonymous beach and leads to the rock that is built the chapel with its unique architecture. The hike is in the green landscape takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

Saint Floros was built in 1965. The works were completed quite quickly. That same year there was a solemn Mass followed by big traditional feast with roast lamb which he organized the shipowner Epifaneiadis who was the responsible for the construction of the small church.

In the northern part of the island facing the island of Skiathos, the beach called Kefalakia. A wonderful and really impressive beach that juts proudly into the Sea. This part of the island is one of the wetlands of the island. East of this is the beach Stiftis.

On the east side again next beach called Aliasta or Aliastos, apparently because faces the sunrise. The south beach consists of two pebble beaches. The first named Askitario or Kakovrachos, The second south coast called Amidgalia or Amigdalies.

In summer you will encounter many sailing ships carrying visitors mainly from Skiathos, and sailors traveling to the islands of Sporades, even in those inaccessible beaches Tsougria like trackless remnants of the gardens of Eden, even now, in the 21st century of rapid tourism development.

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Some excerpts and information used by the Environmental Research Group Skiathos secondary school students and their professor philologist Gymnasium Mr. Nikos Papakonstantinou Skiathos. We hope to be able to present all the research and our future tribute.