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The Xanemos beach is about 3 km from Skiathos Town, located in the eponymous region in the northeast of the island. Next lie and Bougazanou beaches Stychero.

It has pebbles and the water is crystal clear and cool.

The beach is not organized other there is a canteen for your convenience.

In the area there are many accommodations.

Xanemos served by bus of the Municipality of Skiathos.

The runway of the small airport of Skiathos begins and ends in the sea! So as the Xanemos on the northern edge of the runway ... in line ... the planes take off and land .. just above the bathers. Will this cause a relatively short noise but the camera will definitely need!

The view is magnificent since these beaches are located just across from Skopelos.

It should be mentioned that in Xanemo, in Kefalas area , have discovered the ruins of a prehistoric settlement.

Blue line B - XANEMOS